Wim Hof

Understanding The Iceman: The Complete Wim Hof

Dr. Chris E. Stout


(Au Note: This post and episode require a bit of a warning label for listeners to not try to recreate or re-intact any of the activities we’ll be discussing without proper training or medical clearance. If you are dealing with a serious medical condition, please consult with a healthcare professional before attempting any of the techniques we’ll be discussing in this episode. Don’t be a knucklehead.)

Having said that, I am very excited to have Wim Hof as our guest. Unless you have been living under a rock, you likely have heard of Wim and his work.

He is a Dutch extreme athlete, also known as “The Iceman,” for his ability to withstand freezing temperatures and environments.

In terms of Guinness World Records, he has set over 20, including:

· The farthest swim under ice of 57.5 meters (the day before in preparation, his corneas started to freeze — so he was swimming blind under the frozen surface),

· The longest time in direct, full-body contact with ice, for a total of 16 times,

· He still holds the record for running the fastest half-marathon above the Arctic Circle while barefoot,

· He recently he did the Horse Stance for 3 Hours in the snow, and

· He hung by one finger from a rope tied between two hot air balloons, over mile high, and just wearing shorts — of course.

And I’m sure I’m missing some others as well.

If that not enough, he climbed to an altitude of 23,600ft on Mount Everest wearing nothing but shorts and shoes, two years later he reached the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in two days wearing only shorts and shoes. And he ran a full marathon in a desert in southwest Africa, without water.

Wim is the developer of the Wim Hof Method and he credits that approach to all these achievements. His fan-base includes a diverse group of who’s who, like Laird Hamilton,

Joe Rogan, Tim Ferriss, Russel Brand, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jesse Itzler, and the list goes on…