Outcomes in Humanitarian Work: A Modest Example of Effectiveness

Dr. Chris E. Stout
7 min readJun 13, 2023
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There are a few times each year that those of us that run non-profits need to get our accounting-and writer-hats on. One annual task is to complete state and federal tax filings, another is an annual report or review of what’s been done and what’s coming up in terms of the work and projects. Some of these can do double duty as updates to GuideStar ratings or Great-Nonprofits rankings.

As a LinkedIn Top Voice, I thought it may be efficient to take all that work and additionally make public a piece on our efforts and outcomes, and to perhaps add a dash of inspiration and a big helping of tools and resources that we provide, always-free-all-the-time. Some of what follows is new, and for those of you already familiar with our work, some will be hopefully a helpful refresher.

My goals have always been to champion the power of the small project (with a tip-of-the-hat to William Easterly), to reduce the difficulty and friction for those interested in wanting to do something good for others in need, and to open-source humanitarian intervention by providing various tools and resources at no cost. In the process of those concomitant actions, the following has evolved.

What’s New

We are in the midst of signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Psychology Department of Azerbaijan State University of Economics or Azərbaycan Dövlət İqtisad Universiteti Cənubi Qafqaz in collaboration with the Consortium for Humanitarian Intervention.

We are also proud to announce that we are expanding our research and resource work in psychology and global health advocacy, practice, and education to now include aspects of climate change. This will be in support of both the American Psychological Association’s work and the World Health Organization’s work in this important area, globally.

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